Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs in India 2023

Are you thinking about buying a new gaming chair under your budget? Then you are reading the right article. In this article, we will tell you about the best gaming chairs in India at affordable prices with awesome features. Popular brands such as BAYBEE, Green Soul Beast, etc. offer great features whether it is armrests or head pillows. Gaming chairs are the best key to enhancing your gaming performance. They are a great choice for gaming with ease, comfort, and support. Spending money on high-quality gaming chairs makes a big difference in your gaming performance and also gives you a great experience. That’s why we are here with a list of Best gaming chairs in India so read the article till the end to discover gaming chairs according to your preference, comfort, and choice.

But before buying your high-quality gaming chairs there are various essential factors to bear in mind. Taking these things in mind will help you make a wise decision and find a great chair that matches your needs and comfort.

List of best gaming chairs in India 2023

1. CELLBELL GC06 transformer x series 

best gaming chairs in India

Features –

  • Adjustable armrests
  • 1 year of warranty
  • Chairs weight is 19 kg
  • Dimensions (L x B x H): 55cm x 71cm x 132cm
  • Adjustable height
  • Swivel

Experience the CELLBELL GC06 transformer x series during long hours of gaming sessions. It is best to match gamers who spend 10 to 12 hours of time in a sitting position. Large seats of these chairs enhance your gaming experience and allow you to work or play with more comfort and relaxation. Its highly durable PU leather offers you luxurious comfort and ergonomic benefits.

Its features of height adjustable, backrest and head removable provide you more support for your back and neck. The chair has it yourself-type installation which makes it easy to install by yourself. All the important guides related to a chair are provided for easy understanding of setting and unpacking the chair. The features like lumbar support and back support give the chair a professional look.


  • Upholstered leather, adjustable armrests, and headrest prevents body pain
  • Large seats
  • The max weight limit is 125 kg for a person


  • Issues with the instability of the chairs

2. The sleep company Smartgrid XGen Gaming Chair

best gaming chairs in India

Features –

  • Metal frame
  • Tilt mechanism
  • Up to 150 kg weight load
  • Leatherwork
  • Caster wheels (60mm)
  • Best for work-from-home and gaming zones

Elevate your experience with the XGen gaming chair. This provides color options in black, red, and grey. Made with Japanese Smartgrid technology. It ensures comfort and perfect posture for long hours of sitting. The chair has 4 D arm movements that give you unrestricted arm movement. Engineered using BIFMA-certified components. This chair is a perfect match for gaming chair long hour sitting work. You can buy this chair by visiting nearby stores or online through shopping websites.


  • 4 D armrest
  • Comfort with cooling
  • SmartGRID technology
  • 2 years of warranty


  • This chair may be squeaky

3. INNOWIN phoenix gaming chair

best gaming chairs in India

Features –

  • Remote-controlled RGB LED lights
  • 4 D armrest
  • PU leather upholstery

INNOWIN Phoenix gaming chair has SMD RGB LED technology to transform your gaming setup with a touch of vibrant light and give you excitement and enjoyment for your gaming sessions. The chair is designed to provide comfort, the padded design gives ergonomic support. Sit on the chair and experience the ultimate gameplay.

Adjust the chair according to your preference with the adjustable lumbar support pillow and headrest. Ensures support for your neck and back. Bring a gaming chair and leave the discomfort.

INNOWIN gaming chair gives you relaxation with the 90-180 degrees complete recline angle range. Moreover, you can lock your seat in any recline angle range, ensuring your perfect position and comfort.

Make a great experience with the INNOWIN Phoenix gaming chair. This chair comes together with comfort, style and customization. Get ready to game for hours with optimal support and comfort.


  • Easily assemble
  • Warranty for 3 years


  • Metal base causes squeaky sound

4. Dr. luxur weavemonster

best gaming chairs in India

Features –

  • Soft memory foam
  • 4 D armrest
  • Steel body frame

Discover ultimate comfort with the Dr. Luxur weave-monster gaming chair. This offers a magnetic neck pillow for unique and effortless adjustment for great comfort. The gaming chair comes with an ergonomic design which gives a healthy sitting posture.

Dr. Luxur weavemonster gaming chair has HD cushions which provide you luxurious comfort and support. The cushions are not only comfy and cozy but also prevent discomfort and pressure points.

4D armrests allow you to customize the armrests according to your requirement and need.

Upgrade your gaming experience with Dr. Luxur weavemonster gaming chair, where comfort, support, and posture are well taken care of.


  • Weight limit up to 165 kg
  • Warranty of 3 years


  • Not enough padding in armrests

5. Autofull gaming chair

best gaming chairs in India

Features –

  • seat with high density
  • Steel made body frame
  • 360 degree swivel
  • PU leather
  • Material used is faux leather

Enjoy effortless comfort and mobility with the Autofull gaming chair. The chair has an adjustable height, seat, and armrest. Experience the comfortable position with an adjustable lumbar pillow and head pillow. Moreover, PU padding eliminates discomfort and pain. Smooth-rolling caster wheels withstand up to 149 kg. the gaming chair comes with an extra high backrest with a detachable lumbar cushion. The chair prevents you from back pain and fatigue during long sessions of gaming. This gaming chair can be locked at any angle between 90-155 degrees. 

Autofill gaming chair takes care of your back and gives support to your spine. The pillow is designed to offer perfect positioning for the waist.


  • 3 years of warranty 
  • Soft lumbar pillow


  • The chair has squeaky sound

6. BAYBEE Drogo multi-purpose ergonomic gaming chair

best gaming chairs in India

Features –

  • 3 D armrests
  • 10 cm of adjustable height mechanism
  • Soft memory foam and head pillow

Enjoy the luxury gaming experience with the BAYBEE drogo multi-purpose ergonomic gaming chair. This chair provides comfort support of HD sponge cushion and PU leather upholstery that is skin friendly. The chair has backrest support through ergonomic design. It has a footrest feature which helps in easy customization of a chair without any hassle. The head pillow and soft memory foam in the lumbar reduces stress and pressure.


  • The chair has safety lock to prevent overturning
  • Lumbar support


  • No information regarding max weight load
  • No warranty mentioned

7. Green soul vision multifunctional ergonomic gaming chair

best gaming chairs in India

Features –

  • Up to 120 kg weight load
  • Class 4 gas lift with a BIFMA-certified
  • Chair weight is 25 kg
  • Suitable for 5ft to 5ft10 inch person

Enjoy the ultimate luxurious experience of world-class ergonomic design with the green Soul Vision multifunctional gaming chair. The chair is designed with a sleek style. The carbon textured 4-way adjustable armrest helps to reduce pressure and give maximum customization. The lumbar pillow and the velour fabric neck provide comfort and support. The Green Soul Vision gaming chair has a butterfly neck which gives benefits with a recline angle of up to 180 degrees. This gaming chair comes with heavy-duty metal base and PU wheels.


  • 3 years of warranty
  • Rocking range of 15 degrees
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good for long hours sitting


  • Armrests do not securely lock into position

8. Green Soul Beast series fabric and PU leather gaming

best gaming chairs in India

Features –

  • 3D armrests
  • Nylon base
  • Premium fabric and adjustable neck
  • Lumbar pillow
  • 3 years of warranty
  • The chair weight is 50 kg
  • Dimensions (L x B x H): 47 x 73 x 122cm

The green soul beast uses PU leather and breathable soft fabric which allows enough airflow and a comfortable and relaxed sitting position. Adequate airflow prevents your back from heating and sweating. The chair is available in different colors and the colors make the chair look cool. Moreover, the chair has 3 years of warranty. On request, the brand will help you in assembling the gaming chair. This gaming chair gaming weight load is up to 120 kg and is also the best match for people height between 5ft to 5ft10inch. Its feature of adjustable armrests, lumbar pillow, and lumbar support offers more comfort to your back.


  • PU leather
  • Breathable fabric


  • Few complaints after-sales service

9. CELLBELL C102 High Back Gaming Chair

best gaming chairs in India

Features –

  • Material used is chromium steel
  • Dimensions: 50.8 x 55.9 x 132.1cm
  • Easy to adjust height
  • Seat is made up of soft foam
  • Chair weight is 17.5 kg
  • Max weight capacity is 110 kg
  • 5 caster wheels
  • 1 year of warranty

Make your working or gaming hours more comfortable with CELLBELL which is one of the most affordable and budget-friendly gaming chairs. CELLBELL C102 high back office/ computer/desk/gaming chair is available in 3 variants of colors, red and black, green and black, and last dark brown. Experience the comfort with a 4-inch thick padded seat which makes the chair more comfy for long working or gaming hours. This chair has also seat adjustments, allowing the chair to customize heights according to preference and needs. Its feature of soft cushioned armrests prevents the arms from pain while gaming.


  • This chair is easy to assemble
  • Ergonomic design
  • The chair is comfortable
  • Value for money
  • Good for long working hours


  • Not for short people
  • Cushion is little hard

10. Greysteel breathe ultimate Shiatsu massage gaming chair

best gaming chairs in India

Features –

  • Adjustable and comfortable seat
  • 4 D armrest
  • Memory foam
  • Strong and High quality metal base
  • Adjustable and removable headrest pillow

Transform your gaming setup with the Greysteel Breathe ultimate shiatsu massage gaming chair. This chair gives you ultimate comfort. Greysteel Breathe gaming chair is designed to give you relaxation. It has a built-in massager back pillow that can be used using a single USB cable. You can connect it to a plug socket, computer, and power bank. This chair ensures flexibility and convenience.

Experience smooth dual caster wheels and seamless mobility with the 360-degree swivel function. Easily glide across your working space because it has great movement and accessibility.

Bring this chair at your gaming space or office. Immerse in relaxation and comfort let the chair give you relaxation and do the work to improve your performance.


  • Adjustable and Retractable footrest
  • Bear up to 158 kg weight load


  • Warranty is not given
  • Squeaky sound caused by metal base

Here are some buying guide tips to consider while purchasing the best gaming chair in India.

How to Choose the Gaming Chairs in India – Buying Guide

  1. Comfort: As I mentioned above comfort is the best key to improving your performance so while buying chairs always consider comfort factors such as padding and cushioning materials. Materials like PU leather and mesh provide great comfort and support and also prevent you from heating and sweating while sitting on a chair.
  2. Materials: For a gaming chair leather, mesh, and fabric are good options. Leather provides a luxurious look and feel. Mesh gives breathability and fabric provides both comfort and breathability.
  3. User review: Read the user’s review and take recommendations from users, gamers, or trusted sources. Search various gaming chairs and read their reviews to know the chair’s performance and durability. People’s experiences provide you deep understanding of the chair’s quality, durability, comfort, and support, which helps you make good decisions.
  4. Budget: Different people have different budgets so for purchasing a gaming chair set a budget according to your budget range. A higher budget gives you high-quality premium chairs but there are also good quality chairs available at affordable prices. Gaming chairs are available at various price ranges, so set the budget stick to the budget then find or discover the gaming chair according to your budget range.
  5. Size and fit: purchase a gaming chair according to your size, fit, and weight. Gaming chairs have specifications for smaller or taller persons, so check the design, specifications, and features before buying. Make sure that gaming chairs have good capacity in terms of weight and size. Ensure that chairs have wide dimensions and stability so that chairs can accommodate your body’s weight and size.
  6. Warranty: Check the warranty which is offered with the chair. In case of defects or issues that time warranty will be really helpful for you. A longer warranty offers you a longer period of piece of mind.
  7. Adjustability: Examine adjustable factors such as tilt mechanism, seat height, armrest and backrest. These features allow you to sit according to your comfort and preference. Moreover, these factors give you support in different activities such as working, gaming, and relaxing.

By remembering these points while buying gaming chairs. You can find one of the best gaming chairs in India that meets your requirements and ensuring comfort, concentration, support and overall enjoyment. Mentioned below are top gaming chairs in India.

Top Pick: The Ultimate Gaming Chair in India for Unmatched Comfort and Performance

Here is the top picks of best gaming chair in India – CELLBELL GC06 transformer x series is best gaming chair in India. In the world of gaming chairs CELLBELL GC06 transformer x series stands out as a gem. We’ve researched about this chair and we’re excited to tell you why this gaming chair is on 1st place in our article.

If we talk about this gaming chairs price, we think this gaming chair is affordable for the person with limited budget range. You can experience the intense gaming sessions with its large seat area. The chair’s removable head rest and back support cushioning offers you proper alignment and support for your back and neck. This gaming chair is surely suitable for long hours of gaming. Mostly people look for warranty so that if something defected found they can exchange easily and this gaming chair provides 3 years of warranty. Moreover, we also read customer reviews and we found out that this gaming chair has a good rating in terms of comfort, support and assemble etc. users gave 4.5+ ratings in each features.

Wrap-Up: Best Gaming Chairs in India

We have mentioned a list of the best gaming chairs in India with their features, pros, and cons. We hope all the things mentioned in this article will help you somehow. Also, remember to try the chairs by yourself while buying and read reviews to get a sense of comfort and quality. Ultimately, select a gaming chair that enhances your gaming experience while providing long-term comfort and support. Try to purchase gaming chairs that not only suit your style but also take care of your comfort and support during long sessions of gameplay. Moreover, you can purchase gaming chairs online or offline. In online shopping always check reviews and recommendations for a better buying experience and in offline shopping you can get great experience by direct interaction with the staff.

FAQs About Best Gaming Chairs in India

Are purchasing gaming chairs worth it?

Yes, purchasing gaming chairs worth yet it is expensive but it will give you a great experience during gaming sessions.

Which gaming chair brand is good?

There are various brands in the market. You can opt according to your needs and preferences.

How do I select a gaming chair?

You can select gaming chairs on various factors such as features, design durability, etc. Moreover, choosing a gaming chair also depends on your budget range. We have mentioned all these things in our article in detail, so read the article for more information.

What is the minimum life of gaming chairs?

The minimum life of gaming chairs is 5 years. A gaming chair’s life depends on numerous factors such as quality, usage, requirement etc. These things have a significant influence on the life of chairs. We made a list of gaming chairs having at least 3 years of warranty for your great experience.

Should I buy a gaming chair for my gaming space?

Yes, you should buy a gaming chair whether you are a dedicated or occasional gamer because having gaming chairs provides you comfy, support, and overall enjoyment in your gaming sessions.

What is the thing that makes gaming chairs comfortable?

Gaming chairs have features of armrests that make them comfortable for the users. Armrest prevents the shoulder shrugging and it also ensures that your wrists and elbows are at the ideal position while playing.

What materials are used in making gaming chairs?

Leather is used in making gaming chairs. Leather is good for long-term use and it is easy to clean and gives durability.

Can I find gaming chairs at affordable prices?

Yes, you can find gaming chairs at affordable prices. You can set a budget range. According to your budget and preference, you can buy a high quality and luxurious yet affordable gaming chair.

Which is the best gaming chair available in India?

According to the Amazon rating BAYBEE Drogo’s multi-purpose ergonomic gaming chair is the best gaming chair available in India.

Which is the best site to buy gaming chairs in India? is the best site to purchase gaming chairs in India. Amazon provides various gaming chairs at affordable prices.

Which ergonomic gaming chair is the best choice for working from home?

Dr. luxur weavemonster offers a luxurious experience with its adjustable features. Its ergonomic design and HD cushions make it the best choice for working from home.

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