Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs Under 20000 in India

If you’re thinking about enhancing your gaming experience to the next level, then enhancing to gaming chairs is the best way to improve your gaming experience. If you want best gaming chairs under 20000 but choosing the best one is difficult and time consuming. To solve this problem we’re here with another article of gaming chairs to help you find the perfect gaming chairs under 20000. In this article, we’ll provide you with complete information- from buying tips to gaming chair’s feature. This time we’ll mention leading brands in professional e-sports gaming chairs. So let’s get start the article.

How to choose the gaming chairs under 20000- buyer’s guide

Comfort: In a gaming chair gamers have to always look for ergonomic design, lumbar support, headrest, footrest, ample padding and adjustable comfort. These are features makes your gaming experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Materials: In the gaming chair leather, mesh and fabric are good options. Leather provides a luxurious look and feel. Mesh gives breathability and fabric provides both comfort and breathability.

Size and fit: purchase gaming chair according to your size, fit and weight. Gaming chairs have specifications for smaller or taller persons, so check the design, specification and features before buying.

Budget: gaming chairs are available at various price ranges, so set the budget stick to the budget then find or discover the gaming chair according to your budget range.

Warranty: check the warranty which is offered with the chair. In case of defects or issues that time warranty will be really helpful for you. A longer warranty offers you the longer period of relief in mind.

Reviews: read reviews before purchasing. Search various gaming chairs and read their reviews to know the chair’s performance and durability. You can also know various things by reviews such as chair’s quality, material, frame and comfort level.

Here is the list of best gaming chairs under 20000

1. AUTOFULL gaming chair pink bunny ergonomic gamer chair

AUTOFULL gaming chair pink bunny ergonomic gamer chair


  • seat with high density
  • Steel made body frame
  • 360 degree swivel
  • PU leather
  • Material used is faux leather

Experience the leading brand in professional e-sports gaming chairs. Take the pleasure of effortless comfort and mobility with AUTOFULL gaming chair. The gaming chair comes with the adjustable height, seat, armrest and comfortable headrest. Be pleased by the comfortable position with adjustable lumbar pillow and head pillow. Moreover, PU padding removes the discomfort and pain. Smooth and trouble-free rolling caster wheels withstand up to 149 kg. This gaming chair offers high backrest with separable lumbar cushion. This gaming chair makes sure you get relief from back pain and fatigue during long sessions of gaming. This gaming chair has a feature of locked at any angle between 90- 155 degree. 

AUTOFULL gaming chair ensure to gives support to your spine and take care of your back. This gaming has bunny ear which is removable.


  • 3 years of warranty 
  • Soft lumbar pillow
  • Chair has 4000+ customer rating


  • Chair has squeaky sound

2. Green soul monster ultimate series T multi-functional ergonomic gaming chair

Green soul monster ultimate series T multi-functional ergonomic gaming chair


  • Chair weight is 23 kg
  • Max weight limit up to 120 kg
  • Ergonomic
  • Lumbar support
  • Armrest
  • Adjustable back rest
  • Upholstery leather
  • Seat lock and portable
  • Adjustable headrest

Green soul monster ultimate T series bring ultimate comfort and support. The chair comes with DIY assembly. The chair has breathable nylon spandex which allows airflow and keeps you cool and comfortable. This gaming chair equipped with metal frame, spandex upholstery fabric, PU leather, lumbar pillow and molded foam seat. The chair offers newly engineered frog mechanism and adjustable back rest angle ranges 90 to 180 degree. This gaming chair comes with 60mm dual caster wheels for easy movement on the floor.


  • Good for long hours sitting
  • Top quality and comfort


  • Some issues would rise near the neck rest

3. Green soul beast racing edition ergonomic gaming chair

Best gaming chairs under 20000 in India


  • 3D arm rests
  • Nylon base
  • Premium fabric and adjustable neck
  • Lumbar pillow
  • Chair weight is 50 kg
  • Warranty of 3 years

The green soul beast equipped with PU leather and breathable soft fabric which ensures enough air circulation and the comfy and relaxed sitting position. Sufficient air-circulation keeps your back heat-free and sweat-free. Furthermore, this gaming chair has warranty of 3 years. The green soul beast brand will help you on request assembling the gaming chair. This gaming chair can bear 120 kg weight. It’s a best match for people who have height ranges between 5ft to 5ft10inch. The chair equipped with adjustable armrests, lumbar pillow and support that offers more comfort to your back and hands. This gaming chair is available in different color and the colors make the chair look cool and interesting.


  • PU leather
  • Breathable fabric


  • Few complaints after sales service

4. DOWINX gaming chair

DOWINX gaming chair


  • Chair weight is 19 kg
  • Max weigh load up to 158 kg
  • Breathable mesh
  • Ergonomic
  • Adjustable height
  • Swivel
  • Adjustable back angles
  • Tilt lock

This gaming chair gives you comfort of sofa. This gaming chair comes with easy and abundant features. The chair’s surface is made up of breathable mesh fabric to prevent heating and sweating. This gaming chair keeps your lower back straight and helps to reduces pain strain in lower back. The chair is specially designed and focuses on undersized guys whether teen or adult. The chair has waist cushion and headrest which helps to prevent fatigue and give the relief on the waist when sitting for long time.


  • Affordable Massage chair
  • Excellent quality and build
  • No squeaky sound


  • Little problem with installation

5. WAKEFIT gaming chair

WAKEFIT gaming chair


  • Chair weight is 24.5
  • Max weight load up to 115 kg
  • Class 4 gas lift
  • Lumbar support
  • 360 degree swivel
  • 3 years of warranty
  • Multi lock tilt mechanism
  • Armrest with PU pad

This gaming chair comes with a dimension of height 139 cm, width 75 cm and depth 69 cm. the chairs installation method is DIY. By buying this gaming chair you can have benefit of 3 years of warranty. The chairs offers imported mesh for airflow to keep you cool and free from sweating. The durability of high density injection molded foam seat is awesome. It gives you comfort and stress free relaxation. The chairs equipped with 360 degree swivel and 60 mm caster for smooth mobility on the floor. This chair has also ergonomic back support with adjustable lumbar support to provide healthy and perfect posture.


  • Easy to install with DIY
  • Good and sturdy chair in this price range


  • Armrests slightly wobbling

6. BAYBEE fabric DROGO multi-purpose ergonomic gaming chair

BAYBEE fabric DROGO multi-purpose ergonomic gaming chair


  • 3 D armrests
  • 10 cm of adjustable height mechanism
  • Soft memory foam and head pillow

Experience the luxury gaming experience with the BAYBEE DROGO multi-purpose ergonomic gaming chair. Engineered with the ergonomic design which is good for back rest. This chair is suits the people who have skin irritation because it offers a comfort support of HD sponge cushion and PU leather upholstery that is skin friendly. The gaming chair has footrest feature which helps in easily customization of chair without any difficulty and hassle. The head pillow and soft memory foam in the lumbar prevents the stress and pressure.


  • The chair has safety lock to prevent overturning
  • Lumbar support


  • No information regarding max weight load
  • No warranty mentioned

7. Dr. LUXUR WEAVEMONSTER ergonomic gaming chair

Dr. LUXUR WEAVEMONSTER ergonomic gaming chair


  • Soft memory foam
  • 4 D armrest
  • Steel body frame
  • HD cushions

Find the optimum comfort with the Dr. LUXUR WEAVEMONSTER gaming chair. This gaming chair present magnetic neck pillow effortless adjustment for great comfort. 4D armrests offer the feature to customize the armrests according to your need. The gaming chair’s ergonomic design provides healthy sitting posture.

Elevate your gaming experience with Dr. LUXUR WEAVEMONSTER gaming chair, where comfort, support and posture are well taken care of. Dr. LUXUR WEAVEMONSTER gaming chair equipped with HD cushions which gives you premium comfort and relaxation. These cushions are not only comfortable and cozy but also remove discomfort and pressure points.


  • Weight limit up to 165 kg
  • Warranty of 3 years


  • Not enough padding in armrests

8. Green soul vision multi-functional ergonomic gaming chair

Green soul vision multi-functional ergonomic gaming chair


  • Up to 120 kg weight load
  • Class 4 gas lift with a BIFMA-certified
  • Chair weight is 25 kg
  • Suitable for 5ft to 5ft10 inch person

Enjoy the optimum luxurious performance of world class ergonomic design with green soul vision multifunctional gaming chair. This gaming chair comes with sleek style. The lumbar pillow and the velour fabric neck offer comfort and support. The green soul vision gaming chair has butterfly neck which give benefit with the recline angle of up to 180 degrees. This gaming chair comes with heavy duty metal base and PU wheels. The gaming chair offers 3 years of warranty. The chair offers 4 ways adjustable armrests which give supports to your elbow and hand.


  • 3 years of warranty
  • Rocking range of 15 degrees
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good for long hours sittings


  • Armrests do not securely lock into position

9. Dr. LUXUR LEEROY ergonomic gaming chair

Dr. LUXUR LEEROY ergonomic gaming chair


  • Chair weight is 20 kg
  • Max weight load up to 165 kg
  • 3 years of warranty
  • 2 D armrests
  • Leather seat material

This gaming chair comes with great features such as armrests, foot rest, recline, wheels, adjustable head rest and the most important for your healthy and straight sitting posture, the chair is ergonomically design. The chair cleans with only wiping and offers three years of warranty. This gaming chair offers lumbar pillow with 180 recliner back to support your back.


  • Easy to install
  • Better head support
  • Worth for money


  • Quality issues

10. Dr. LUXUR colossus ergonomic gaming chair

Dr. LUXUR colossus ergonomic gaming chair


  • 4 D adjustable armrests
  • Ergonomic
  • High density foam cushions
  • Multi layered synthetic leather
  • Adjustable height
  • Chair weight is 25 kg
  • Max weight limit up to 165 kg
  • Ideal for height 5’6 to 6’4 people

Dr. colossus gaming chairs designed ergonomically. To provide you long hours working with comfort and healthy sitting body posture, the chair has various features such as angled seat edges, contoured, adjustable height, tilt and recline. This gaming chair offers multi layered synthetic leather which helps to resist wear and tear problems created by long terms of uses. The chair equipped with high density cushion form gives plush feel and provides great contouring. Dr. colossus gaming chairs provide 4 D armrests so that your arms can fell relaxing position while gaming, you can adjust arms side to side, outward or inward and adjust according to your height.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Good armrests
  • Value for money
  • Good for gaming and ergonomic


  • Produce squeaky noise

Green soul monster ultimate series T multi-functional ergonomic gaming chair- top pick

Green soul monster ultimate series t multi-functional ergonomic gaming chair is the great choice for the buyers. If you are looking for best gaming chairs under 20000 then this one is the best choice to buy. If we have to recommend any brand, we would like to recommend this gaming chair because of its various awesome features which makes this gaming chair great. This gaming chair is beautifully ergonomically designed to offer support to your back and help you sit in straight position. This gaming chair is available online with different 5 colors. Green soul monster ultimate series t offers best class fabric. Its breathable mesh which is made up of spandex fabric allows airflow to prevent heating and sweating while long hours of gaming sessions. This office chair is also certified by BIFMA and its base made up of heavy metal base. This gaming chair is assembly by DIY and it can be easily installed in 60 minutes. The gaming chairs that are mentioned in this article are good and affordable because all are under 20000 but this one is excellent because it is affordable and its customer rating is also high as compared to all chairs that we have mentioned in this article. This gaming chair has 7000+ rating which indicates that this gaming chair is really liked by many customers.

Wrap-Up: Best gaming chairs under 20000 in India

We have mentioned a list of top brands best gaming chairs under 20000 in India with its features, pros and cons. We look for all things mentioned in this article will help you in some ways. Also remember to test the chairs by yourself while purchasing and read reviews to get sense of comfort and quality. To conclude, choose a gaming chair that improves your gaming performance while providing long term comfort and support journey. Buying the gaming chair’s that not only matches your style but also focuses on your comfort and support during long working hour days. We’ll suggest you to buy gaming chairs online. It’s because in online shopping you can check reviews and recommendation for better buying experience. There are lot of comments which will help you to buy perfect gaming chair under 20000 according to your need and requirement. 

FAQ About Best gaming chairs under 20000 in India

Q1.What does gaming chair mean?

Ans1.Gaming chair is a chair which is especially designed for gamers with special features such as ergonomic, comfortable, back rest, head rest, tilt mechanism that gamers can have great experience during gameplay.

Q2.What are the advantages of using gaming chairs?

Ans2.There are various benefits of using the gaming chairs such as comfort, better posture, lumbar support, adjustable features etc. gaming chairs also help to reduce pain and strain from body.

Q3.Are gaming chairs made for only gamers?

Ans3.There is no hard and fast that gaming chairs can only use by gamers but yes gaming chairs are specially designed for gamers with some great features. However, gaming chairs can also use for various purposes like office work, studying or relaxing.

Q4.What features would consider while buying chairs?

Ans4. Some features need to consider while purchasing gaming chairs such as ergonomic design for healthy body posture, head rest for your head comfort and to provide support to your head and neck, foot rest to offer comfort to your feet, swivel and wheel casters to slide and move easily on the floor.

Q5.Do gaming chairs benefit in improving performances?

Ans5.Gaming chairs may give relief from fatigue, pain and strain, which may indirectly lead to good gaming performance.

Q6. Are gaming chairs expensive?

Ans6. The prices of gaming chairs are depend on their features. If you want to buy high quality gaming, it may cost you high because of its great features however there are various gaming chairs available at decent prices. We’ve also shared some gaming chairs with affordable prices in our article. You can also get idea from there.

Q7. What are the clean and maintain gaming chairs?

Ans7.Wiping the gaming chair with dry cloth is the best way to keep it clean.

Q8. Console gaming is supported by gaming chairs?

Ans8.Yes, gaming chairs are adjustable and can be used for console gaming as well. The gaming chair offers the similar comfort and features to the console gaming.

Q9. Are gaming easy to install?

Ans9.Yes, generally gaming chairs are easy to assemble and also DIY and video tutorial provided in the box of the gaming chair.

Q10. Do gaming chairs have warranties?

Ans10.Yes, most of the gaming chairs provide warranties and in case of defectiveness, you can also replace the gaming chairs.

Q11. Which gaming chair brand is good?

Ans11.There is numerous brands in the market. You can opt according to your need, preference and comfort.

Q12.What is the minimum lifespan of gaming chairs?

Ans12.The minimum lifespan of gaming chairs is 5 years. The gaming chairs life are varies on various terms such as quality, usage, requirement etc. these things have a great influence on lifecycle of chairs. We made a list of gaming chairs having at least 3 years of warranty for your great experience.

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